MCQs on Research Aptitude -31

    1. Which of the following is incorrect as a measure of dispersion?

    (A) Quartile Deviation
    (B) Range
    (C) Standard Deviation
    (D) Sampling Error

    2. A researcher prepared a report based on the interviews of 25 people. Under which category, this research can be placed?

    (A) Quantitative
    (B) Qualitative
    (C) Historical
    (D) Scientific

    3. Researcher intends to ascertain the attitude of adolescents towards modernization, which one of the following tools is an appropriate one?

    (A) Projective Technique
    (B) Interview
    (C) Likert Scale
    (D) Sociometry

    4. The Rorschach Inkblot-Test consists of

    (A) Five black and five coloured cards
    (B) Ten black and ten white cards
    (C) Five black & white and five multicoloured cards
    (D) Ten multicoloured cards

    5. Which of the following is a method of qualitative research?

    (A) Experimental research
    (B) Normative Survey
    (C) Ethenomethodology
    (D) Ex-post factor Research

    6.The relationship showing increase in the value of one variable (height) and corresponding decrease in the other variable (weight) is termed as

    (A) Positive correlation
    (B) Negative correlation
    (C) Zero correlation
    (D) Partial correlation

    7. Cumulative frequency graph is called

    (A) Histogram
    (B) Bar-diagram
    (C) Pie-diagram
    (D) Ogive

    8. SPSS is

    (A) Statistical Package for Scientific Studies
    (B) Statistical Package for Social Sciences
    (C) Scientific Package for Social Scientists
    (D) Scientific Package for Statistical Study

    9. The square root of Variance is

    (A) Standard Error
    (B) Error Variance
    (C) Standard Deviation
    (D) Deviation Quotient

    10. A researcher is interested in studying the flood victims. Which one of the following is a suitable sample selection method?

    (A) Random Sampling
    (B) Stratified Sampling
    (C) Systematic Sampling
    (D) Purposive Sampling

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