MCQs on Research Aptitude -29

    1. Difficulty level of item is not a matter of concern in the case of

    (A) Placement test
    (B) Intelligence test
    (C) Criterion referenced test
    (D) Norm referenced test

    2. Rearrange, in proper order, the following points of Likert type attitude scale:

    (a) Strongly agree
    (b) Strongly disagree
    (c) Agree
    (d) Disagree
    (e) Undecided

    (A) (a), (c), (d), (e), (b)
    (B) (b), (d), (e), (c), (a)
    (C) (a), (b), (e), (c), (d)
    (D) (a), (c), (d), (b), (e)

    3. Which of the following is correct explanation about a test?

    (A) Reliability is sufficient.
    (B) Validity is sufficient.
    (C) Reliability and validity are not essential.
    (D)  Reliability is essential but not sufficient.

    4. Rorschach ink-blot test is related to measurement of

    (A) Intelligence
    (B) Attitude
    (C) Aptitude
    (D) Personality

    5. Which of the following is an unstructured tool?

    (A) Attitude scale
    (B) Objective test
    (C) Intelligence test
    (D) Essay test

    6.The main purpose of research in education is to _________

    (A) Help in the personal growth of an individual

    (B) Help the candidate become an eminent educationist
    (C) Increase job prospects of an individual
    (D) Increase social status of an individual 

    7. Which of the following does not belong to the category of non probability sample?

    (A) Quota sample
    (B) Multi-stage sample
    (C) Purposive sample
    (D) Incidental sample

    8. Research means

    (A) Searching again and again
    (B) Finding solution to any problem
    (C) Scientific approach to new truth
    (D) Conducting experiment

    9. Which of the following terms is related to the idea of validity of a test?

    (A) Errors of measurement
    (B) True score variance
    (C) Common factor variance
    (D) Random errors

    10. Which of the following is not a common element of a research proposal and a research report?

    (A) Objectives and hypotheses
    (B) Implications for further research
    (C) References to previous research
    (D) Sources of information/data

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