MCQs on Research Aptitude -28

    1. Which method focuses on generating new hypothesis?

    (A) Pattern
    (B) Deductive
    (C) Inductive
    (D) None is correct

    2. The feasibility of a research study should be considered in the light of

    (A) Potential ethical concerns
    (B) Skills required for the researcher
    (C) Cost and time required to conduct the research
    (D) All of above

    3. Which of the following is not the feature of symbols assigned to categories on a nominal scale?

    (A) No quantitative meaning
    (B) Nothing more than labels or names
    (C) May be ordered according to magnitude
    (D) Cannot be subjected to arithmetic operations

    4. The proposition about research that you do not agree is

    (A) Research improves the quality of teaching.
    (B) Research leads to finding solution to too many problems.
    (C) Research is only a personnel achievement.
    (D) Research contributes to social progress of the society.

    5. Which of the following is a non-parametric test?

    (A) Analysis of Covariance
    (B) Analysis of Variance
    (C) Median Test
    (D) Critical Ratio

    6. The Government of India conducts Census after every 10 years. The method of research used in this process is

    (A) Case Study
    (B) Developmental
    (C) Survey
    (D) Experimental

    7. Items of List – I and List – II given below have one-to-one relationship on some basis. Identify the inherent relationship and select the correct matching from the given options:

    List – I                                    List – II
    a. Experimental       1. Sampling
    b. Historical             2. Meta-analysis
    c. Philosophical       3. Internal criticism
    d. Descriptive          4. Content analysis
    5. Internal validity
          a        b       c       d
    (A) 3        5       2       3
    (B) 1        4       2       5
    (C) 3        4       2       1
    (D) 5        3       4       1

    8. Two variables X and Y are significantly correlated. This means that

    (A) X causes variation in Y.
    (B) Y causes variation in X.
    (C) X and Y vary together.
    (D) No such conclusion may be drawn.

    9. What is the important objective of economic planning?

    (A) Planned development
    (B) Eradication of poverty
    (C) Total employment
    (D) More per capita income

    10. The system analysis relates to

    (A) Input aspect
    (B) Product aspect
    (C) Process aspect
    (D) Resource aspect

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